What is a GHIN Handicap?

A handicap index provides a number that represents a golfer's ability based on their previous scores at various courses. The Golf Handicap & Information Network (GHIN) is a service offered by the United States Golf Association (USGA) to help golfer's track their rounds and calculate a handicap index. The lower the number, the more skilled a golfer is assumed to be. For example, a golfer with a handicap index of 3.7 is likely to be more skilled than a golfer with an index of 14.7. 

A handicap index can be used to help calculate what a golfer might shoot on average in relation to par. For example, a golfer with a 6 handicap may expect to shoot a score around 78 on a par 72 golf course. 

Visit the official USGA GHIN handicap page for a quick informative video

A GHIN Handicap is used by various organizations and tournaments to verify a golfer's ability and is required to qualify for the FWJGA Division I championships. 

Do I need a GHIN handicap index to play in the FWJGA Girls or Boys Championship?

Players in the 7-10 age division do not need a GHIN number.

Players in the 11-13 age division do not need a GHIN number.

There are two options for players age 14-18. Those looking to compete for a chance to play in the four-day championship, must register for Division I and are required to provide a GHIN number at time of entry. Handicaps will be verified one week before the start of the tournament. Based on time of verification, the top 100 lowest handicaps will be accepted for Division I. All those who fall outside the top 100 handicaps, do not have an adequate number of scores entered into their GHIN account, or who have a handicap exceeding 18 for the girls divisions, will be automatically placed in Division II. 

Those age 14-18 who wish to compete in the two-day option will register for Division II and are not required to provide a GHIN number. 

How do I obtain a GHIN number if I do not already have one? 

We are proud to be able to offer juniors access to request a GHIN number for free. Please follow the instructions below to request a GHIN number and begin recording scores.